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Pack 1 Lighting Full LED BMW series 1 - pure white[PACKBMW1FULL]

Pack 1 Eclairage Full LED BMW Serie 1 - Blanc pur
Pack 1 Eclairage Full LED BMW Serie 1 - Blanc pur
Pack 1 Eclairage Full LED BMW Serie 1 - Blanc pur
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Le produit

This pack is intended to replace your bulbs d ' origin without any difficulties. It is specially designed for your BMW E81 E82 E87 E88 1 (without illumination of ground, doors and mirrors) series.

This pack LED s bulbs ' fit perfectly in the medium ' of your vehicle!

Embracing the pure white of the LEDs.

  • A pure white lighting.
  • Lifetime multiplied by 100.
  • Better light diffusion.
  • Reduced consumption d ' energy.
  • Does not heat up.

Le colis

  • Couleur Blanc Xenon


  • PlafonnieRS
4 xT10 LED 3D5-Pellet W5W
  • Trunk

1 xShuttle 42mm LED Nav3-Pellet C10W

  • Glove box

1 xShuttle 37mm LED Nav2 pellet C5W



A Total of 6 LED light bulbs for your BMW series 1 for white lighting pure full!

Le colis

  • 6 LED in a Blister Pack
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    4 Ultrasonic sensors black to front or rear of the vehicle. Connect the housing on the bulb's decline, radar lock while you pass the reverse, a beep will confirm the function implementation.

    The drilling attachment is provided, you drill and then push the sensor in bumper it. You connect the set, the recoil detector is functional.

    Sensor with a diameter of 22mm for high sensitivity.

    • 4 quality Ultrasonic sensors
    • Ease of installation (20 minutes)
    • Powerful buzzer
    • Enclosure management improved


    • With any vehicle 12 volt


    • 1 Box
    • 1 Manual
    • 1 Controller sensors
    • 1 Buzzer
    • 4 Ultrasonic sensors
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    Reversing radar 4 sensors + Buzzer

  • Film tinged black BLAKY 20 (medium) / 75cm
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    Novelty film BLAKY's YakaEquiper happened. Teintez you even your windows without difficulties.

    Quality professional, thermoformable and anti scratch film. Our black BLAKY range is available in different shades of 5 to 35%.

    Non-reflective film, protects from heat, denies the UV.

    Earn intimacy in your vehicle. This film may also arise on buildings.

    BLAKY film is proposed per metre: example: you order 5 metres (5 quantities), you receive a roll of 5 meters long and 75cm offshore.

    In general count 4 to 6 metres of film to all windows.

    • Professional quality: 36 microns thickness
    • Technology anti scratch!
    • Guaranteed result!
    • Thermoformable
    • Simple application
    • Anti-UV
    • Visible light BLAKY 20 (medium): 20%


    * illustration of the FILM BLAKY 5 on VW scirocco


    • 1 installation manual
    • Movie tube
    " href="#zoom">Film teinté noir BLAKY 20 (moyen) / 75cm

    Film tinged black BLAKY 20 (medium) / 75cm

  • Turn signal repeaters LED d & #39aile BMW series 1 E87 04-07 - black E81
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    • Excellent quality and design
    • Approved
    • Adaptable to the origin
    • Flashing led


    • Black


    • BMW E81 E87 series 1 2004-2007


    • 2 flashing lights (left and right) for BMW series 1 E87 E81
    • Delivered in 3-7 days
    " href="#zoom">Clignotants repetiteurs LED d'aile BMW Serie 1 E81 E87  04-07 - Noir

    Turn signal repeaters LED d & #39aile BMW series 1 E87 04-07 - black E81

  • Anti error OBD + 35W H7 Xenon Kit
    See the complete description of the product



    Modules anti-erreurs integrated, compatible with any vehicle CANBUS.

    New: H7 kit contains bulbs xenon with metal bases.


    • 3 times brighter than a traditional bulb.
    • Lifetime multiplied by 10 (> 3000 hours).
    • Provides better visibility on road.
    • Consumes only 35 Watt (a halogen bulb consumes 55W).
    • Slim ballast
    • Digital processor (DSP)
    • Filter anti parasites
    • Rapid heating
    • Compatible appeal of lighthouses
    • Without error on the dashboard
    • Compatible ignition lights auto

    Our kit xenon anti error is of the latest generation and has been proven to last generation vehicles such as:
    Audi A3 (2002-2011), 5 and 6, Volvo S60 S80, BMW E90 E91 E92 Golf 5 X 6, Mercedes, Peugeot 608, Renault Megane 3.

    This list is not exhaustive, many other models are compatible.


    YakaEquiper offers you its kits with different colors, the amount of this xenon in the bulb affects the color of the lighting.


    6000K: Super white lighting

    8000K: Light bluish-white
    10000K: Light blue


    1 Year warranty parts and labor on ballasts.


    • 2 Ballasts
    • 2 Bulbs
    • 2 Fixing screws
    • 6 Hose clamps
    • 1 Installation manual
    " href="#zoom">Kit Xenon Anti Erreur OBD+ 35W H7

    Anti error OBD + 35W H7 Xenon Kit

  • Pack Ghost Light LED - BMW Logo
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    Pack of 2 modules GHOST LED, lighting BMW logo. Composed high-brightness chip LED.

    • Exceptional
    • Simple installation (fixed without screws, no glue)
    • Free installation
    • New look assured!
    • Ideal for meeting


    • Door (ground lighting)
    • Feet
    • Ceiling
    • Trunk
    • and other according to your imagination...


    • 1 Pack of 2 bulbs GHOST LED (BMW logo)
    • Bell of drilling
    • Wiring (1)
    " href="#zoom">Pack Ghost LED Light - Logo BMW

    Pack Ghost Light LED - BMW Logo

  • Pack 4 ring Angel eyes BMW E87 white LED
    See the complete description of the product


    * the picture of this product is only for illustration, the shapes and sizes of the rings vary in function of the vehicle and the kit.

    No changes, welds for installation of this kit.

    It is a Plug & Play kit disassemble, place and connect!

    New LED technology, 3 times brighter than a CCFL kit. A ring has 60 LED ensuring uniform and without "points of light" lighting.

    Very resistant. Prefer a LED kit to a CCFL kit. Instant ignition.

    You want rings white as on the latest BMW models? This rings LED kit is for you.

    • 6000 K pure white lighting.
    • New look assured!
    • Does not cause an error on the dashboard (built-in mistake proofing modules)
    • Angel Eyes - Ultra white LED light.
    • Plug & Play (no amendments)


    • 'CouleurPURE WHITE


    • For BMW type E87(serie 1) with halogen headlights.

    Installation mode:

    • Unclip the glass original optics
    • Clip the top of the LED rings on the reflector, then on the bottom with double-sided.
    • Pass cables in the upper part of the optics to make them invisible.
    • Connect power supplies on the night lights bulbs.
    • Gently close the optical.


    • Pack of 4 rings LED to BMW in a box. Sizes: 124mm + 101mm
    • 2 Resistors Anti error + Clips + stickers
    " href="#zoom">Pack 4 Anneaux Angel eyes LED BMW E87 Blanc

    Pack 4 ring Angel eyes BMW E87 white LED

  • Pack 2 bulbs H1 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited
    See the complete description of the product



    NEW RANGE 2014
    The ideal lamp for those who want to drive with more light for safety.

    Thanks to a specially developed filament and blue glass rings, lamps light the NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED family:

    • broadcast up to 110% more light on the road *.
    • develop a light beam of 40 m*.
    • light up to 20% whiterlight *.

    * compared to standard lamps

    Of course, the lights of the NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED family can easily replace any corresponding halogen lamp and are 100% comply with the legislation on the roads of Europe.


    • 'CouleurUp to 4000K


    • PHARE (crossing, high beam)
    • Anti fog
    • Pack of 2 bulbs Osram boxed plastic.
    " href="#zoom">Pack 2 ampoules H1 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited

    Pack 2 bulbs H1 Osram Night Breaker Unlimited

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